Welcome to the Cafe

Come on in.  Look around. Sit a spell.  There is quite a bit of information here,  the idea is to help you simplify your life.  Have questions or comments you’ve come to the right place.


The Starter Set

The starter set includes covers for the most common & popular sized US cans – 1 each size: Extra Large 4″ (whole tomatoes, yams); Medium 3-3/8″ (tuna, baked beans, soup); Small 3″ (fruits, vegetables); Extra Small 2-5/8″ (condensed soup, chilies). $7:15 Buy Now

It Finally Happened

I was getting something out of the fridge, one thing snagged another, and -crash- out flew a half full can of spaghetti-o’s. My heart sank as it hit the lid first and bounced. Then nothing. Nothing but a can on the floor with a very secure lid on it. I’m so happy.

Refrigeration Times

A good rule of thumb when refrigerating leftovers, including canned food, is 4 days. Below is a rudimentary chart about opened, canned foods.  If you know some that I’ve missed please comment.

Wish List

Today someone asked if we could have a lid for the bottom of a shaving-cream can to eliminate the rust-ring on the tub. There are 2 sizes of shaving-cream, a small & a large. What do you think?