The Starter Set

The starter set includes covers for the most common & popular sized US cans – 1 each size:

  • Extra Large 4″ (whole tomatoes, yams);
  • Medium 3-3/8″ (tuna, baked beans, soup);
  • Small 3″ (fruits, vegetables);
  • Extra Small 2-5/8″ (condensed soup, chilies).

Starter Set


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Simplify Your Life

Save a little money, time, and hassle.  Go ahead, buy the bigger can.  Take what you want and put a lid on it!

No need to repackage in those endlessly cluttered containers, only to forget about them when you don’t easily recognize it in the fridge.  It is just so convenient to open the fridge & see the same can you took from the cupboard.

Think of the time and mess you’ll save yourself.  No more plastic baggies or leaky tin foil.  No more spilled cans!

LIDS Lids lids

There are all sorts of lids aren’t there?  There are screw top lids, press in or on lids, caps, covers, you name it.  I needed a lid to put on a can of food.  Not one of those pet food lids.  Even my cat wouldn’t eat out of a can that had one of those lids on it – even if for only a few hours.

Like you, I just assumed that can-covers were out there.  I searched high & low, every type of store.  Even the grocery store didn’t have them.  Internet searches turned up pet food or the new soda pop lids.  I didn’t want anything fancy – I just wanted a safer, simple way to cover my unused canned food.

Eventually I gave up looking.  Then I realized that if I wanted them, you probably do too.  Here they are! And I am proud to tell you that they are made right here in the USA.

It Finally Happened

I was getting something out of the fridge, one thing snagged another, and -crash- out flew a half full can of spaghetti-o’s. My heart sank as it hit the lid first and bounced. Then nothing.

Nothing but a can on the floor with a very secure lid on it. I’m so happy.

Simple Treats

How about pancakes, crepes, or french toast with a blueberry or cherry compote?  Just open a can of fruit pie filling & spoon on what you want.  It really is that simple.

Hmm, over ice cream or cake?

pancakes topped with cherry pie filling